Dragon City Guide to let you know everything About This

Dragon City

Today we are going to share the very important information and a detailed guide on Dragon City.

Details of the elements

The game has in altogether 8 basic elements in Dragon City. Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal and Dark are the elements.

You now will have a chance to breed a new type called the Legendary and further on the Pure Dragons as you now have got some rare dragons such as Cool Fire or Soccer Dragons. Check it out dragon city hacks cheats

Their Habitats

Every element here has its dedicated habitat. A low gold cap 500 is there with initial Terra habitat but there is a higher rate of gold/min that is earned.

The sea dragons, on the other hand, have low/gold potential and have a higher gold cap of 7500.

To get either of the mud or waterfall dragons so that they can be put in the sea habitat bears their initial solution to breed together.

Latest Habitat of Dragon City

Each of the dragons is put in their habitat by the user unless one is not an active player it is not recommended to have several Terra habitats.


When you put the dragons in their habitat you can earn gold. A certain amount of gold/min is earned by each dragon.

You will also have to level up the babies through feeding them with foods this will increase the amount of gold whichever has been earned.


You will have to build your farms to supposedly feed the dragons. For growing more food, the farms will be updated over time.

Food Farm

The 30-second dragon bell is the most efficient way to use gold, especially for growing food. It does not matter at all to which food you grow once you get a lot of gold.

The process of earning gems

When you need everything is the quickest way to get them. You can expedite things when you can buy gems with real money.

Gems can also be earned in the game besides real money. The following are a few methods in which you can get gems:

• In the bottom right side of the game screen, you need to participate in Dragon League Tournament in the Combat World. For fighting the other player’s dragons you can use your dragons.

You will be awarded 2 gems and some gold once you win the tourney. You can use it whenever you can as you can combat 3 players every 6 hours.

• You can use your dragons to fight them as you can build a dragon stadium. You will get some gold along with 2 gems.

• You also have a near chance to win 45 gems with the daily bonus reward that is located on the right-hand side of the screen.

• You can earn 1 gem on leveling up.

• You can also earn gems by participating in surveys. Some of them might require you to add credit card/personal information.

• If you pick up the right prize the Monday reward gives you 4 gems.

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