Today there is a plethora of video games available.

Some of them are educational, some others are on the creative side while others simply are for fun and passing the time.

One such game is Fortnite.

It’s basically a shooter and a survival game.

The players here have the freedom to make their own battle arenas and to create virtual worlds.

Fortnite is available for play on PS4, PC, Mobile devices, Xbox one, etc. Actually speaking, the Gift-giving feature was actually updated during June end. But then the feature was not really turned on. Looking for guide then check this out

But now, this features comes as a part of the 6.31 update. The wait is finally over.

The new feature for gift-giving is ready for use. So the immediate question that comes up is, what the process is or how to gift skins? This feature is very easy to use.

However, Apple policies do not approve of this action. But users of other platforms that are other than iOS can send gifts to others.

The process is listed below:

  1. On the lobby screen, from the item shop, whatever item or product that you want to gift has to be selected by pressing the button prompt on the Item Shop’s cosmetics page.
  2. There is an option “buy as a gift” button on the purchase screen.
  3. Then select the friends to whom you want to send the item to by selecting their names from the Epic Friends list. After that press the continue button.
  4. Here the user will be given an option to type a personal message and also gets to choose the color of the virtual gift box.
  5. The last step is to press the send button.
  6. Whenever your friend opens Fortnite, there will be a message that will mention that there has been a gift sent by someone wonderful. The instructions will be shown on the screen as to where to press the button in order to open the gift.


As of now, the gift-giving feature is a bit limited. Only skins emotes, outfits and some other few cosmetic items can only be gifted.

Some other limitations are mentioned and also rules will pop up on the screen.

This is done in order to discourage the misuse of the gifting system. The gift-giving is also limited to up to 3 gifts per day.

You can send gifts only to those who are your friends for at least 48 hours or more. The purchases made are non-refundable.

Even though Fortnite can be played on different platforms such as PS4, PC, Mobile devices, Xbox one, etc., the gifting process is mostly similar.

An important point to be noted is that all those who are interested in gifting skins should do so immediately an option may not last long.

As per Epic Games indication, this feature may last for about a week or so.

However, whether this remains a consistent feature or not will yet have to be seen.

As of now, the success of the game can be seen from the fact that it has drawn millions of players towards it and has also earned millions of dollars too which speaks of its popularity.

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