How to play Coin Master

Coin Master is a virtual online game developed my Moon Active Ltd. The owner of the game is Brett Lynch. It can be played on both Android and IOS devices and can be downloaded on the PC too. The age restriction for this game is 17 years. The player can play with different players, known or unknown, all across the world. In this game player has to develop their villages and destroy other player’s villages. You can become one of the best pirate, king or Viking. When you start a game as a new player you get 8 free spins and some game coins. Every hour you get 5 free spins.  You have to start the game with them and then continue rising up the statistics ladder.

How to play

First the player has to play slots that is spinning the slot machine. By spinning the slot machine you get either coins or shields or hammer or raids. The player can use them to develop or protect their village and destroy enemies’ village. Every time the player spins the slot machine he gets one of the following things coin master cheats

  • Game coins, which the player can use to build the village and do various other in app purchases.
  • The players gets a chance to raid other player’s village and destroy them. They can dig at some place and find hidden treasures also. By destroying other villages you can bring those people down in ranking in leaderboard.
  • The player can get a shield from the slot machine. Shields are used to protect the players’ village from getting destroyed by enemies.
  • Another thing you get is hammer. Through hammer you can destroy other players in your friend list. The hammer attack can be defended using a shield. One shield can be used only once.
  • If you do not get any of the above thing from the slot machine then you definitely get free spins. So keep spinning and continue playing.

When you raid another village sometimes you also get cards. On completing a sequence of nine cards you get various gifts. Sometimes free spins or sometimes a pet. During special periods certain cards can be exchanged with friends to complete the set.

During spinning the slot machines the player can also place bets. As in if we opt for 2x bet, it will give you twice the reward while counting two spins as one.

The main concept of the game is to complete the village. To complete a village there are certain levels to be crossed. At each level several tasks are to be performed after the completion of which the level is completed. After the levels are completed the village is fully developed. The player also gets reward for it and also hid rankings in the leaderboard gets increased. During this whole process you also got to protect your village from fellow Vikings or pirates to keep it safe and nurturing. The game has pretty cool graphics so happy gaming.

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