How to play Coin Master

Coin Master is a virtual online game developed my Moon Active Ltd. The owner of the game is Brett Lynch. It can be played on both Android and IOS devices and can be downloaded on the PC too. The age restriction for this game is 17 years. The player can play with different players, known or unknown, all across the world. In this game player has to develop their villages and destroy other player’s villages. You can become one of the best pirate, king or Viking. When you start a game as a new player you get 8 free spins and some game coins. Every hour you get 5 free spins.  You have to start the game with them and then continue rising up the statistics ladder.

How to play

First the player has to play slots that is spinning the slot machine. By spinning the slot machine you get either coins or shields or hammer or raids. The player can use them to develop or protect their village and destroy enemies’ village. Every time the player spins the slot machine he gets one of the following things coin master cheats

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What is the best gun in pixel gun 3D

Best Guns in Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel gun 3d is a beautiful game about survival. Nevertheless, you have find the suitable gun to kill the enemies to get gems and rewards. There are some few powered packed guns available in the game and this article is going to list some of these.

1. Laser minigun

Laser minigun is one beast. The players who have managed to use this gun, have shared their beautiful experience with it. If you are using this gun, you are bound to win have a clear shot against your enemies. Every single match where you use this gun will confirm a win. The gun can be available for 375 gems and thus you need save your gems very carefully

2. Proto type up 2

This is a gun which has sparked a lot of controversy. Some say it’s a great sniper gun and some say it’s not worth it. Well, according to top gamers this sniper gun is one of the best accessories available in the game. The gun gives a clear snipping shot and has great looks.

3. Automatic pacemaker up 2

This a gun, that needs to be used, when you want to kill a group of zombies. The weapon is powerful and comes in a very affordable price. This can be used as a low level gun and can be used when you operating at a low level

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