What is the best gun in pixel gun 3D

Best Guns in Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel gun 3d is a beautiful game about survival. Nevertheless, you have find the suitable gun to kill the enemies to get gems and rewards. There are some few powered packed guns available in the game and this article is going to list some of these.

1. Laser minigun

Laser minigun is one beast. The players who have managed to use this gun, have shared their beautiful experience with it. If you are using this gun, you are bound to win have a clear shot against your enemies. Every single match where you use this gun will confirm a win. The gun can be available for 375 gems and thus you need save your gems very carefully

2. Proto type up 2

This is a gun which has sparked a lot of controversy. Some say it’s a great sniper gun and some say it’s not worth it. Well, according to top gamers this sniper gun is one of the best accessories available in the game. The gun gives a clear snipping shot and has great looks.

3. Automatic pacemaker up 2

This a gun, that needs to be used, when you want to kill a group of zombies. The weapon is powerful and comes in a very affordable price. This can be used as a low level gun and can be used when you operating at a low level

4. Hell raiser UP 2

This gun is a pure savage. You will manage this gun under 100 gems and it works like a breeze. This is best combination gun, since it can perform both actions. Meaning it can fire at the opponents randomly, and also perform close counter assault. In addition users of this gun have said that scope of this gun is very good and they have managed a lot of kill with this beast

5. Dragon breath

This is gun which works on close proximity. Meaning you go there an opponent and fire. Once done, they will be killed within a second. The reload time is very less and but only downside is that you need to near the opponent when fired.

6. Proto type

This is a combination of a sniper and a revolver. The porotype needs to maxed, if you earn to launch a headshot. If you are person who loves using sniper for a kill, then this gun is perfect fit. The gun is very powerful, but the only con lies in the reload time

7. Solar power cannon.

This gun can be available to you, for a price point of 80 gems and works like a monster. People who have used this gun have absolutely loved it. Earlier, it was available for 80 gems, but due to its rising popularity, the price point have increased to 125 gems

8. Excalibur

This gun acts a shield and it’s a pure bonus. This gun has the ability to do great damage at a very short amount of time. The gun has a great build and great loading capacity. This makes gun an absolute beat making a kill in just 1-2 seconds.

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